The website is still under consturtion. Bit by bit I will build it up.

Almost my entire family worked in the cinema business, at the technical division of it. My grandfather started his own cinema company and all his children joined in. I was raised with cinema all over me. It was a logical step to go and work there too, but I decided to do the photography-school instead.

We all know that blood is thicker than water so I ended working in the cinema business, first as an operator, later I became a technical engineer. I worked for various cinemas and the Dutch Cinema-museum. The technical background of my work gave me a very broad view on pictures. It comes with the job so to say, to see a lot of movies and to get knowledge of the different materials and disciplines.

Although I worked in the cinema-business my first love for photography became stronger and stronger, so I left the cinema. All together one could say that pictures have been with me all my life.

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