I always wanted to be an artist, I already said that on primary school, but I ended up working for the family company in the cinema business …
My grandfather started a traveling cinema and it expanded into a company that owned several cinemas, a maintenance and overhaul section, and an import and sales department
As young as I was, I was always taken to cinemas, not to see movies, but to the cabins where the projectors were, and to the family company, the maintenance and overhaul department
Growing up like that made that I know every aspect of cinema by own experience, no matter if it is building a (new) cinema or simple maintenance, I have done it all
But things change … the family cinemas were sold and the company concentrated more and more on maintenance, overhauling and sales
I became the Chief Technical Division of the Dutch Cinema Museum in Amsterdam
A high-light there was making cinema in Bologna, Italy, at an international cinema festival, using my grandfather’s original cinema equipment
I also lectured audio visual design at the universities of Amsterdam and Leeuwarden for a few years

And then my back “cracked”
Life that I had until then became impossible and almost automatically the dream of my youth, being an artist, came back to me
I had my education in photography and with my father´s old camera, a Zeiss Ikon Nettar, I picked up photography again where I had left it years ago
I cannot say that I specialized in any kind of photography, but I can say that I do not work commissioned, my rules … my feelings … and I love it !
In 2009 I came in contact with gallery Josephine in Naarden vesting, I exhibited in the gallery during the photo festival
The owner, who became a friend, showed me what it is to have a gallery and my desire to have my own gallery was born …
In the Netherlands opening a gallery is difficult and very expensive, but as I moved to Portugal things are different now …

Another new start in my life …
A new challenge
And in a part of Portugal that is not the most likely to do so
Bringing people together and creating an atmosphere to enjoy art in any form, and this time I do specialize, photography …


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